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if wishes were fishes with tentacles

[ In the center of the courtyard, a young woman stands, yawning and rubbing her eyes.

If you have any kind of spiritual awareness, she probably feels like bad news. Something divine but twisted. ]
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[A wolf is padding by, but stops to regard this sleepy young woman, pinged by something....familiar, yet not.]
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[The wolf sits, head tilting this way and that as if considering the question.

After a heavy moment, the creature leans forward to lick her hand.]
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[A soft, puzzled whine, then the wolf abruptly shifts into a broken-eyed young woman.]

—Sorry, I just thought....
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When you asked if I was going to eat you, it seemed like a sad thing for someone so pretty to say.
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[She thinks about this for a moment. What light remains in her eyes dims further.]

Could I make you happy?
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[She just smiles. It's an empty expression. There's an opportunity here, maybe.]

Like hurting people?
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I don't think anything about me is beautiful, but thank you.

[A pause.]

You can hurt me, if you want. It's fine.
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Ah, really? You must be very skilled.

[And then, as an afterthought:]

You can call me Lys, if you want. Or something else — it's all the same to me.
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[The praise passes through her, like a gentle breeze, leaving nothing behind. She shakes her head.]

I don't even know what it means in the place I came from.
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[She laughs. The sound is very quiet and, somehow, morose. More like grief than mirth.]

Aha, that's pretty fitting!
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[ Lust is not a creature of any particular spiritual sensitivity, given the whole hideous aberration of screaming human souls thing. All the same, there's something that draws her here. Something that makes her approach the woman, something that makes her deign to speak. ]

I don't suppose you know your way around this place.

[ That something is being incredibly fucking lost. ]